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What’s up, guys? Anything interesting and of great personal and global significance happen this week? Yeah. Yeeeah. First, let me say that I’m struggling so hard against the temptation to preface this post. To in some way downplay my opinions and my right to them in an effort to avoid later blame or criticism, most of which I’ll […]

Life is full of tough questions, like have you invested way too much money and energy in a career that’s all wrong for you, are you spending enough time with your nieces and nephews or are they growing up without really knowing you as a constant presence in their lives, and should you Facebook friend […]

I went on an amazing vacation recently. Snow-capped mountains, warm and sunny days, and a new pair of skis for my birthday. And for a not insignificant chunk of that trip, I was unnnnn-comfortable. Everyone has a comfort zone, and I was three nautical miles outside of mine. I was sick with a cold, then altitude […]

This week one of my sisters had a birthday of some numerical value. No, I’m not sure how old she is. Yes, I could easily just add five years to my own age. No, I’m not sure how old I am either. Listen, I’m the baby of the family. I’m not here to keep an […]

Happy New Year, everyone! Despite strong evidence that, globally, 2015 was a garbage year, I really enjoyed mine. I had novel experiences, made new friends, paid my rent, and consumed many meals and beers. That, in a nutshell, is the recipe for happiness. 2015 was also my first full year running this website, and it […]

God, summer, amirite? Doesn’t it seem like everyone is nearly constantly on a beautiful beach vacation, at all times? Does it burn your irises to see all these glistening photos of oceans, lakes, pools, rivers, bays, tributaries, puddles, etc., while you’re staring at a computer screen in your freezing cold office? If so, you might […]

Hey Jude

This past week, I’ve had trouble thinking of something light and funny to blog about. Sometimes life is just not that light, and not particularly funny either. A little over a week ago, a friend from high school passed away. He was one of my first major unrequited crushes, and one of the strangest, most […]

This past weekend, I trekked back to Baltimore for my 10-year reunion at Hopkins. I’ve been back for a couple reunions now, but this one was kind of special. People go the extra mile after a decade, and it was fun to celebrate it with my very closest college friends, as well as old roommates, suitemates, […]

My best bud and I share the same birth month – birthday bookends of the sometimes wintry (my end), sometimes springy (hers) month of March. In college this made for some fairly epic, furniture-less parties, and in later adulthood, this makes for me never forgetting the dang day. That’s right, Facebook, I don’t even need […]