Monthly Archives: December 2014

Last week I had a cold. However, I also had a newly opened bottle of Cabernet. Dilemma. I found myself pondering that age-old query: is it OK to drink wine right now? Will drinking wine with a cold make you feel better? Worse? This was far from the first time I’ve wrestled with this question. This post […]

This could easily become a recurring feature. Not to brag or anything. Everyone you know is probably amazing and beautiful, too! Well, except that one guy/girl. He/she’s the worst. Seriously, though, this week I just wanted to give shot outs (shots out?) to three amazing and beautiful friends who have inspired me recently. Check em out! Kellie […]

It’s December! I was going to write a humorous yet thought-provoking post about how confusing Twitter is, but sadly that felt very 2012. (Don’t worry, I will probably write that post anyway, possibly next week). At any rate, it’s December and Nanowrimo is over, which means that your new WIP is roughly 0.5 percent done. Hurray! If you […]