Monthly Archives: April 2015

I don’t know how your week’s going, but on Monday I broke an entire glass bottle of olive oil on my kitchen floor. I’m kind of hoping the thin film of grease just … goes away. JK, JK, I’m not a total bum. I’ll call in the cleaners! I’m not a neat person. Some might even […]

This past weekend, I trekked back to Baltimore for my 10-year reunion at Hopkins. I’ve been back for a couple reunions now, but this one was kind of special. People go the extra mile after a decade, and it was fun to celebrate it with my very closest college friends, as well as old roommates, suitemates, […]

My best bud and I share the same birth month – birthday bookends of the sometimes wintry (my end), sometimes springy (hers) month of March. In college this made for some fairly epic, furniture-less parties, and in later adulthood, this makes for me never forgetting the dang day. That’s right, Facebook, I don’t even need […]