I know, I know: the blog’s been a bit quiet. Blame it on marriage, an amazing new show I’m working on called In Cabaret We Trust, packing for a big move to Denver (see: marriage), and my semi-annual malaise. Every move sucks in its own special way, like a crappy snowflake, but this one has […]

Moms. I see you out there, watching your child get a little less small every day, excited for them but also nostalgic for those moments and milestones that pass so quickly. Maybe the tiniest bit heartbroken, knowing your baby is a little less a baby every day. Perhaps you think “slow down” or “let me […]

Do you love receiving packages from Amazon that you didn’t pay for? Do you have extra cabinet space for superfluous appliances, or are you willing to upgrade to a new home just to get some additional storage space? Are you the genetic opposite of a freecyler? If any of these apply to you, I suggest […]

Last month, I attended the Association of Writers and Writing Programs’ annual conference in D.C. This was my second time at AWP, and it’s funny to think back at how nervous I was before the conference in Los Angeles last year. I’m not sure what horrors I thought a convention center full of nerdy writers […]

❤Accept them for who they are, flaws and all. Hire someone to compensate for their flaws. ❤Turn their grating behaviors into silent drinking games that only you play. ❤Employ tennis’ Hawk-Eye line-calling technology to settle all disputes over who is taking up more than their side of the bed. ❤Don’t compare them to other people’s […]

I got engaged this month! It’s very exciting and I’m very excited. Full disclosure, though: I’ve been lowkey planning my wedding for a cool four months now. I bought the dress and booked the venue all before holmes dropped to one knee on a bridge on the romantic Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. There […]

You will catch a cold. The stock market will rise. It will also occasionally fall. Someone you know will get married. Every episode of This Is Us will make you cry. Famous people will die. You will wonder why you’re so tired. The Cavs will play the Warriors in the NBA Playoffs again. One of […]

I just had “the talk” with my bank account. It … wasn’t pretty. If you thought I was not that fun in 2016, hold onto your asses: I’m going to be a real dud in 2017. It’s budget crunch time! Outside, meanwhile, the weather turned cold and blustery so quickly that I found myself spontaneously holding […]