Monthly Archives: October 2015

As I prepared to type the sentence “I love celebrating things,” I had to stop and remind myself not to be dumb. That’s like saying I love breathing or sleeping. Everyone loves celebrating things, don’t they? So let’s just say I especially love it, and will come up with darn near any excuse to do so. This weekend, though, […]

This week, a very funny – and for some people, painfully true – post has been circulating from Washington Post humor columnist (and DC-based playwright) Alexandra Petri. In response to actress Jennifer Lawrence’s short but sweet Lenny Letter on why she is paid less than her male colleagues and how she’s done trying to find the […]

Welcome to the Early Morning Writing Boot Camp! What’s that? You don’t remember signing up for an early morning writing boot camp? That’s OK. I don’t remember signing up for “adulthood,” and yet here we are. The rules of Early Morning Writing Boot Camp are simple. DO talk about Early Morning Writing Boot Camp. Tell […]