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Hi everyone, I’ve been watching Bones every day for two months and eating jars of almond butter, plural. Have you also been achieving your fitness goals? If not, don’t worry — have I got some tricks for you. Water: Drink a lot of it. That way, you’ll have to get up to use the bathroom frequently, […]

No one likes cooking in winter. OK, some people do. But those people don’t add up. This blog is for people who totally add up. The sad fact is, you have to leave your house sometimes and you have to eat food during winter. Sorry. But it doesn’t have to be a total chore. Here’s a […]

I don’t usually listen to music when I’m running outside – something I picked up from a hardcore marathon/triathloner at a camp I worked at one summer. I just enjoy my weird trippy running thoughts (BuzzFeed’s 75 Thoughts Every Runner Has While Out For A Run is pretty accurate) and the sound of my own labored breathing. […]

Last week I had a cold. However, I also had a newly opened bottle of Cabernet. Dilemma. I found myself pondering that age-old query: is it OK to drink wine right now? Will drinking wine with a cold make you feel better? Worse? This was far from the first time I’ve wrestled with this question. This post […]