Monthly Archives: January 2015

I started a new book project this week! After working on the first book for so long, it’s exhilarating and terrifying to start over with a blank slate – and a blank page. My next book is set in Italy, a beautiful and terrifying country in which I had the pleasure of spending my junior […]

Snow Days in DC

Ah, winter in DC. That time of year when you could wake to completely clear skies and roads, only to learn that schools and government buildings have been closed on a bad tip from some weathermen. Or you might wake to four inches of snow and ice and find that the city is operating like it’s […]

This was a big week! I finally sent out my first round of query letters for my novel to agents. Things are happening. It’s weird. And nice. The hardest thing for me about writing the query letter was trying to craft a pithy pitch for my book. I was never great with elevator speeches. Whenever anyone […]

It’s January, guys. 2015. International ‘time to begin again.’ Like many of my pals, I’m not one for annual resolutions. It’s more fun to set goals constantly, or as needed. It’s also fun to adopt mantras. Most of mine are Katy Perry lyrics. Still, I love the idea of beginning again. Towards the end there, […]