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Moms. I see you out there, watching your child get a little less small every day, excited for them but also nostalgic for those moments and milestones that pass so quickly. Maybe the tiniest bit heartbroken, knowing your baby is a little less a baby every day. Perhaps you think “slow down” or “let me […]

❤Accept them for who they are, flaws and all. Hire someone to compensate for their flaws. ❤Turn their grating behaviors into silent drinking games that only you play. ❤Employ tennis’ Hawk-Eye line-calling technology to settle all disputes over who is taking up more than their side of the bed. ❤Don’t compare them to other people’s […]

I got engaged this month! It’s very exciting and I’m very excited. Full disclosure, though: I’ve been lowkey planning my wedding for a cool four months now. I bought the dress and booked the venue all before holmes dropped to one knee on a bridge on the romantic Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. There […]

This week one of my sisters had a birthday of some numerical value. No, I’m not sure how old she is. Yes, I could easily just add five years to my own age. No, I’m not sure how old I am either. Listen, I’m the baby of the family. I’m not here to keep an […]

When I was home in Pennsylvania this past Thanksgiving, I was thinking — not for the first time — how different holidays are these days now that we have a few small children in the house. Not my children, of course. I’m still a childless waste of good genes over here (KIDDING, kids are cute but scary). […]